Roberto Castagner


The master distiller Roberto Castagner

"I have no ancestors who were distillers before me, meaning I am the first generation. Perhaps that is why I decided to perform my craft, the production of grappa, with all the passion, respect for nature, the force and courage of someone who, in tradition, has understood the values of the rules, and who, through innovation, wants to leave his mark on the field. Today this is still what makes me happy, to be able to work with all my passion to leave my children and customers a dream that has come true".


The second generation is now entering the Castagner distillery.
His nephew Carlo and his daughters Silvia and Giulia now work alongside the master distiller Roberto Castagner, getting ready to face the future with the same passion and “vanguard spirit” that have always been the founding principles of the family business.

Fuoriclasse Sweet Moscato 40%/ABV - 750 ml.   $59.99 Bottle

Fuorclasse Cabernet Sauvignon 40%/ABV - 750 ml.   $59.99 Bottle

Fuoriclasse Barrique Aged Merlot & Pinot Noir 40%/ABV - 750 ml.  $69.99 Bottle

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"Exclusive to our shop"

Vivere Artisan Prosecco Vodka

"The Spirit of Prosecco"

Vivere "To Life" is produced from 100% Glera Prosecco grapes from selected vineyards in Valdobbiadene, Treviso Italy. Artisanal, hand-crafted small batch vodka produced through a vacuum distillation of pomace repeated 10Times. More specifically it is a cycle in 5 step differed columns, repeated twice, for a total of 24 hours distillation, followed by three filtrations at low temperature and distelled with pure spring water of the Dolimite Mountains. Every small batch bottle is numbered with date of production, quantity, bottling date, batch number & a hanging pewter grape cluster.

Sip Vivere Vodka ice cold from the freezer garnished with three white grapes.

$39.99 750 ml.



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$199.99 750 ml.

Let us engrave your bottle with your personal message. Please allow one week from date of order. 

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